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🌟 AGF Engages Kaduna State Government Officials in Productive Discussions! 🌟

🌟 AGF Engages Kaduna State Government Officials in Productive Discussions! 🌟 The Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) recently had the honor and privilege of meeting with esteemed officials of the Kaduna State Government. Led by our dedicated team, we had insightful discussions with Hon. (Barr.) Ibrahim Bello Rigachukun, the Special Adviser to the Kaduna State Governor […]

Title: AGF’s Commitment to Student Welfare: Supporting LEA Secondary School, Kudendan Kaduna

We are thrilled to share a heartwarming update on our recent outreach efforts at LEA Secondary School in Kudendan, Kaduna. The Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) has extended its support to the students of LEA Secondary School by distributing essential items including sanitary pads, footwear, and other necessities. At AGF, we believe in the holistic well-being […]

🎄✨ Merry Christmas, AGF Family! 🎁🎉

On this sacred day, as we come together to celebrate the joy and wonder of Christmas, the Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) family extends warmest wishes to all, embracing the true spirit of the season. 🙏🌟 As we exchange gifts and share laughter, let us also reflect upon the profound message of love, hope, and compassion […]

Alice Gombwer Foundation: Stepping Towards Change and Empowerment

In a world where every act of kindness reverberates with potential, it’s heartwarming to witness organizations that make a tangible difference in the lives of individuals and communities. The Alice Gombwer Foundation, a beacon of compassion and change, recently garnered well-deserved recognition from the Vel Youth Council for their remarkable contribution to the community’s youth. […]

Celebrating a Visionary Leader: Mr. Paul Sati Gombwer, CEO of AGF, Receives Award of Recognition from AGF Youth Empowerment Gombe

In a heartfelt and momentous occasion, the Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) Youth Empowerment Gombe chapter proudly bestows a distinguished Award of Recognition upon its esteemed CEO, Mr. Paul Sati Gombwer. This recognition not only underscores Mr. Gombwer’s exceptional leadership but also acknowledges his significant contributions to AGF’s transformative initiatives, particularly in youth empowerment. Honoring a […]

In Grateful Remembrance: A Heartfelt Appreciation for All Who Joined Us in the Memorial Thanksgiving Service

Introduction:In a poignant and touching gathering, the Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) recently hosted a Memorial Thanksgiving Service to honor the lives of our late parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gombwer. The event was a heartfelt tribute to the enduring legacy of these exceptional individuals, and we extend our sincerest appreciation to all those who came […]

Honoring the Legacy: Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) Invites Friends and Volunteers to a Memorial Thanksgiving Service for Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gombwer

Introduction:In a poignant and heartfelt event, the Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) family’s will be hosting a Memorial Thanksgiving Service to honor the lives and legacies of their late parents, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gombwer. As a foundation deeply rooted in their values and vision, AGF invites all friends, volunteers, and supporters to come together in […]

Empowering Steps: Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) Brings Hope Through Shoes in Plateau State, Nigeria

In a world where access to basic necessities is still a challenge for many, organizations like the Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF) shine as beacons of hope. With a noble mission to improve the lives of underprivileged communities, AGF is gearing up to make a significant impact in Plateau State, Nigeria. Their upcoming shoe distribution initiative […]

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