Basketball footwears for/at Christmas

During the yuletide season, the major things that come to mind are love, food, and the exchange of gifts. In our part of the world, food exchange is the apex of the celebration but The Alice Gombwer foundation took it to a whole new level when it decided to give out shoes as opposed to the tradition, which is food.

The Alice Gombwer foundation is a nonprofit organization that is deliberate in providing critical service to the not-so-privileged in society and the world at large. They do this to meet the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of these persons. The foundation derives its satisfaction from the smiles and better life it was able to give to the beneficiaries of such services. The shoe giveaway was a medium to put smiles on the faces of a specific group of youths, that is basketball players at the same time making a meaningful impact in society.

As bizarre as this may sound, it meant a lot to some basketball athletes across the country, because having the right footwear is pivotal to how he/she performs on the court. The Alice Gombwer foundation made the footwear giveaway announcement on its social media handles with instructions to guide the entries. The athletes had to be basketball players with bad shoes and big size feet. They also had to send in proves of the state of their shoes and the size tag in the shoe.

The announcement gave some ballers who are not so privileged the opportunity to change their old footwear. The foundation in its usual fashion did this to put smiles on the face of the athletes and as its own way of expressing love in this season of love. Entries from different states of the country were sent in by athletes who were hoping to be winners.

It was a touching situation when the entries came in cause it made us realize the conditions or ordeals that some persons in the society live in. To think of the fact some of the players had holes under their shoes and had to play on the court with their shoes in such horrible condition(s). Some of the shoes had signs that they have been fixed over time and there was nothing more to fix so the players had to play with the shoes in such a state.

Furthermore, it was a pool of emotions when the foundation received an entry from an athlete who was given a shoe by the owner of the foundation Mr. Paul Sati in July. Seeing the state of the shoe made us realize that, doing good to others other than our self’s can not be over-emphasized and one’s widow’s mite means a lot or everything to some persons in our society. It showed that since he got a change of shoe in July this year, he has not changed his shoe, or rather should we say he had no means to change the shoe.

The winners of the Christmas shoe giveaway were selected based on the degree of damage on their shoes that is from worse to good. Winners from Kaduna, Plateau, Sokoto, Jigawa, Taraba, Lagos, Enugu, and Maiduguri were realized. From the time winners were selected,  their shoes have been sent out to them and they have received their shoes. The winners include but are not limited to; Ajiboy Karina, Donnel Adair Plateau, Caleb Adejoh Sokoto, Celestine Eli Jigawa, Muhammed Ameer Taraba, Amaechi Dikandu Lagos, Okechukwu Emeka & his twin brother Enugu, Lam u Peter Mshelia Maiduguri.

Reaching out to society the little way we can is our priority at The Alice Gombwer foundation. Making life less stressful, more exciting, and meaningful is what we live for. To our winners been happy creates an unforgettable memory of joy for us too. Rock your new shoes well and play better on the court now that you have a little comfort.

To our donors, volunteers, our core team. This vision was only realized with your support and help we say a big thank you. Thank you for opening your hearts, minds, and hands to put a smile on the faces of some youths in the society. Thank you for making others experience the love that comes with this season. Words fail to express our profound gratitude, Thank you.

Lastly, to our online family across Nigeria and the world at large remember making people smile during their worse days is the best gift you can give them and yourself. You can also make people around you smile in the little way you can, remember an ocean is made from drops of water. Imbibe the habit to show love every little opportunity you get. To change the world for the best, your community is a good place to start. Share the love this season and put a smile on someone’s face. Thank you for being part of The Alice Gombwer foundation online family. Happy New Year.

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