World Bank, Development Research Group discovered that, over 31% of the worldโ€™s population lives on an income of less than $2 per day. This fact indicates the inability of over 2.2 billion people to afford the basic necessities of life including food, housing, and clothing. Even within the United States, one-in-three children now experience homelessness. Nurses report that shoes and socks are in the โ€œTop 10 Items Schools Need You to Donateโ€ . Many may never have the opportunity to own even one pair of shoes. A lack of adequate footwear is more than a simple inconvenience or lack of comfort.


The staff and volunteers involved with AGF understand that shoes are a solution that can
be applied now at minimal cost. Drugs are very important when it comes to treating diseases, but
shoes can be used to prevent the hardship and life-threatening symptoms caused by parasitic
infection and soil transmitted helminths. By providing shoes, AGF is
both sharing hope and saving lives.


AGF Sharing Hope

The people of Alice Gombwer Foundation (AGF),believe that shoes are so much more than status symbols and fashion accessories. A new pair of shoes can be a symbol of hope and the source of life to a person in need. The AGF’ Shoes distributions are designed to both meet physical needs and inspire young people to believe in the value of life and
service. These distributions are the outpouring and overflow of AGF’s dedication to changing hearts and lives forever.

People are dying without shoes. Epidemics have been alleviated in the past by the hard work and sacrifice of passionate people willing to address the needs of others, offer material and financial resources, provide basic education, and share the encouragement necessary to help others find the hope they need to fight for their lives. The solution is SHOES. Shoes are needed to prevent, protect and propel. Join AGF today in the effort to eliminate this epidemic and change Africa and the world forever.

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