The long awaited competition is finally here, all teams are encouraged to brace up and give in their very best in this tournament.

All the teams have gone through a rigourous screening process that required them to do service to their commmunities before they will be eligible to participate
in the tournament.
We are happy to say that all the teams have succesfully done their community service and will be participating in the upcoming tournament.

AGF is a peace and unity preacher, thus, we have setup the JOS PEACE AND UNITY CUP for this sole purpose, to drive in the message of peace and unity in the hearts
and minds of the youths.

This competition is not the first, it is one of the many event initiated by AGF to make it loud and clear to all about the need for peace and Unity in our communities and nation at large

We will continue to speak Peace and Unity. Building peace ambassadors is our number one goal.


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