What is love without sharing? This season reminds us of God’s love, and of how he graciously gave his beloved (Jesus). How can we not follow the pattern that has been set by God?

We do not just talk about love, we demonstrate love by sharing and caring for as many people as we can. This season, we reached out to widows in several parts of Kaduna State, Nigeria. From the Northern and Southern parts of Kaduna, we were able to collate names and addresses of widows in several locations.

On Tuesday December 20, 2022 all the teams where dispatched. Team one, led by Mrs. Abigail Paul visited  Kudendan  where two widows benefitted, Nasarawa one widow, Kakuri one widow, Malali one widow,  Ungwan Gado one widow, Kawo one widow,  Hanyi Banki one widow and  Farin Gida one widow. Team two was led by Joseph Paul Gombwer and they traversed Gonin-Gora  where three widows benefitted,  Romi New Extension two widows, Barnawa one widow, Ungwan  Sunday one widow, Gbagyi Villa one widow,  Sabon Tasha one widow, Ungwan Matari one widow, Ungwan Gimbia one widow, Sabo GRA one widow, Ungwa Boro one widow, Kamazou one widow and Karji was the last destination, with two widows benefitting.

The CEO of this great foundation in his own words appreciated all the volunteers and the partners for there relentless effort and for putting a smile on the faces of these widows.

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