A Widows Smile

What is love without sharing? This season reminds us of God’s love, and of how he graciously gave his beloved (Jesus). How can we not follow the pattern that has been set by God? We do not just talk about love, we demonstrate love by sharing and caring for as many people as we can. […]


Every AGF member is up and about putting smiles on people faces. This is another week for making impact in the lives of as many as we can. Every AGF member has been tasked to present a gift of t-shirt and crocs which has been graciously provided by our C.E.O. Mr Paul Sati Gombwer They […]


Today 21 September 2022, marks the world peace day celebration. Our voice will always be heard when it comes to the matter of PEACE and UNITY in communities and the world at large. AGF is always at the fore front with those that support peace and unity, we urge every citizen of the world that […]

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